Glaucoma Eye Drops List

glaucoma eye drops listGlaucoma is a very common eye disease, striking one in 200 people below the age of 50. Elderly people are more prone to suffer from this disease – 10% of people above the age of 80 have glaucoma. This disease is quite dangerous because if left untreated, it might lead to vision loss. Furthermore, glaucoma detection is difficult because the symptoms usually manifest themselves in the advanced stages.

The optic nerve is damaged in people who suffer from this disease due to increased aqueous humor pressure. The damage is not serious, but sometimes it might result in complete blindness. There is no effective cure as of now, as all the treatments provide temporary relief. Speaking of treatments, you should check out the glaucoma eye drops list. For more information about the eye drops, keep reading.

Glaucoma Eye Drops List for Reducing the Symptoms

Any vision damage caused by glaucoma cannot be repaired. Because of this, it is of a great importance to diagnose this disease on time. Only then you can be able to treat it and prevent further damage. The focus of every treatment is to reduce the eye’s pressure, also known as intraocular pressure. Most ophthalmologists recommend a product from the glaucoma eye drops list to reduce the optic nerve tension. The eye drops will decrease the chance of further eye nerve injuries, keeping the eyesight damage at minimum. There are several types of eye drops available. The prescribed drops might depend on several factors: the progressing of the condition; whether you have some other type of medical condition; whether you are consuming other drugs; and whether this product causes any side effects.

Glaucoma Eye Drops List – Different Types of Eye Drops

Once your doctor will prescribe the best eye drops from the glaucoma eye drops list according to your condition, it is essential to use them as directed. If your doctor prescribed you to use two types of eye drops, make sure not to use them together; apply the first type of eye drops, wait ten minutes and then apply the second type. If you are a contact lens wearer, your doctor will explain to you why you should avoid wearing them. Simply put, you will have to wear glasses while you are using glaucoma eye drops. As we already mentioned, there are different types of eye drops for glaucoma, including: prostaglandin analogue, carbonic anhydrase inhibitors, sympathomimetics and beta-blockers.

Treat Glaucoma with Product from Glaucoma Eye Drops List

A product from the glaucoma eye drops list is often the first choice when a patient is diagnosed with glaucoma. Depending on your overall health, as well as other conditions you suffer from, you might not be a good candidate for glaucoma eye drops. Some eye drops might worsen certain medical conditions like asthma. Others might interact with other medications like digitalis – medications often prescribed for various heart conditions. Therefore, it is of a great importance to discuss with your doctor whether you are a good candidate for these products or not. Do not forget to closely monitor your condition so that you can check if there is any further vision damage that must be treated immediately.

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